Status as 'Traffic Lights'

Will Audacity® Team adopt these changes?

Audacity Team's Verdict:

This is my 'traffic lights' appraisal of the current reactions of Audacity team to the various changes in DarkAudacity. I am hopeful that over time more of the traffic lights will turn green, and Audacity will cherry pick my changes upstream - possibly improving on them. I may be wrong, and instead some of the currently amber lights may turn red.


Stuck in Pause

We want that change, so that pause pops up rather than blocking you from edits, but we'd actually like something better, that is harder to do.
  • Updated Sept-2016: Still Green. Will be in Audacity 2.1.3.

Pinned / Unpinned

Audacity wanted this change expedited into Audacity, so that the next version of Audacity uses a pin icon when pinned. That's on both the button and play head. Also red versions when recording, as in DarkAudacity.
  • Update Sept-2016: Still Green. Will be in Audacity 2.1.3.

Tour Guide

Audacity liked the pdf guide to what's in the program. The team have adopted the guide and adapted it, adding screenshots, and including it as a new section in the manual.
  • Update Sept-2016: Green. The improved version will be part of Audacity 2.1.3 manual.

Menu Rearrangement

This rearrangement IS better than what we (Audacity) currently have, and we can use it as a starting point for further changes. Agreed and scheduled for Audacity 2.1.4
  • Updated Sept-2016: Red to Green

New Icons

Yes to the version of the icons that works with a light theme. Could even be the default. Might be in Audacity 2.1.4.
  • Updated Sept-2016: Amber to Green

Dark Background

NOT suitable as a default for Audacity. Would like as an option. Want something more flexible where users can choose the theming (better and harder to do). Some of the theming changes for DarkAudacity are baked in too hard.

Time Lock

Why change the name of 'Sync-Lock'? Why remove the button? People are used to the Sync-Lock button.
  • Updated Sept-2016: Red to Amber. Opposition to it less strong than it was.

Record Beside

Why change so that people have to ASK for a mix, and otherwise get recordings that are in sequence and not mixed together? Some in Audacity think it is an excellent change and should have been done a long time ago. Others think it will confuse users used to 'recording-below', and that it is a missed opportunity to do something more flexible.
  • Updated Sept-2016: Still Amber.

No Numbers on Meters

Numbers regarded as essential. Possibly numbers on meter could be a preferences option (normally on)
  • Updated Sept-2016: Still Red, though as an option acceptable.

Removing Other Clutter

No, that 'clutter' is useful.

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