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Dark Audacity 2.3.2x

FossHub support free open source software, and they provide the bandwidth for the software downloads of Audacity® and DarkAudacity. Currently DarkAudacity is only available for Windows.

Added 7th May 2019.

Verifying the Installer

The installer is now signed. For further peace of mind after downloading and before installing:

  1. Check the file with

  2. Check the SHA256 matches by using online file hash calculator at
    If all is well, the SHA256 of file darkaudacity-win-2.3.2x.exe should be:


  3. OR check the SHA256 checksum matches using certutil - which is built into windows.

    In file explorer, right click on the name of the directory that contains darkaudacity-win-2.3.2x.exe with the SHIFT key held down. A menu appears to the right. Shortly after the fifth option is the option 'open command window here'. Click that to open a command window, then in the command window type the certutil command:
    C:\downloads> certutil -hashfile darkaudacity-win-2.3.2x.exe SHA256
    If all is well certutil should display:
    SHA256 hash of file darkaudacity-win-2.3.2x.exe:
    CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.


DarkAudacity is licensed with GPL v2. This gives you freedom to use it and if you like to, to modify the source code too. It ensures that the source code must remain available, including modifications.


The x,y, and z suffixes indicate experimental releases, so 2.3.2x is an experimental release.

DarkAudacity releases are cutting edge releases. Whilst I am careful about the changes I make, if you want assurances about the degree of testing done, use an official Audacity release that has been through the official Audacity QA process.

Apart from the theming and LED meter changes, you should expect DarkAudacity 2.3.2x to be up to date with changes in Audacity 2.3.2. That's so because both are based on the same code, and 2.3.2x uses most of the updates for Audacity 2.3.2.

Bonus Content

There is no bonus content for 2.3.2x yet. Previously we had a theme for Audacity 2.1.2 and a Tour Guide for 2.1.3x. Both are now part of mainstream Audacity.

Help and Feedback - via Discord

For help on using DarkAudacity, or Audacity, or for feedback, I have added a live Discord server. Click on the link for an invite. Don't worry if there is no one online at the moment. You can leave a message there, and it will get answered later.

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